Chit Chattin with Charles- January 2020

Hi Furiends! Twice a year K&FT offers our Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop. The next workshop starts in February and still has room, so I wanted to share more about this group! Sometimes I get to join, and… Read More

Chit Chattin’ with Charles- Winter 2019

Hi furiends, The Howlidays are a stressful time for many people. We’ve also experienced significant stress in our community lately. On top of all this, you pawrents have the challenging (and rewarding!) job of taking care of your… Read More

Chit Chattin’ with Charles- September 2019

Hi Furiends! Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? KFT will be throwing our first big fundraising/gala event, “A Home for the Holidays,” to celebrate adoptive families in Ventura County. I’m really excited to bring more… Read More

Chit Chattin’ with Charles- June 2019

Hi furiends! How many of you make time for play in your lives? Maybe you’ve forgotten how to play or maybe you don’t realize how important play is. Play helps us learn to trust, develop empathy, share, and… Read More