Hear what our clients have to say!

“This gave my husband and I time to sit down and talk about some of the tougher issues we experience as pre-adoptive parents. It was nice having someone listen and offer suggestions.”

“I learned a more positive approach to parenting. I learned to look at the underlying reasons for behavior and always work to connect. This was very informative.”

“This program helped me feel stronger and more confident raising my kids. I liked being able to talk to my therapist each week and get feedback. I understand my children better now.”

“The therapist makes the program. My clinician was calm, empathetic, and highly knowledgeable. I loved the resource book and handouts. Using “re-do’s” has been really effective for us.”

“My family and I felt very comfortable expressing ourselves. Sharing our problems was easy for the first time. We felt heard and understood. We loved all the tools and resources!”

“I definitely felt like my clinician was on my side. I really liked everything Kids & Families Together and my therapist did for us. You guys were a shining light in my foster/adoptive experience.”

“Our clinician was amazing. She helped me see the bigger picture. She was very caring through all of our sessions and that was very helpful for me to grow as a parent and caregiver. I would recommend this program to any families new to foster care. She was so knowledgeable in our sessions and I will take away many positive tools. Thank you!”

“Our family is moving towards adoption and everything our clinician has helped us with has been a huge blessing. She completely understands what we are going through and has been there for me and my kids. I had a meeting with my social worker that I was nervous about, but having my clinician there to support us was such a comfort to me. Thank you!”

“I learned how to communicate with my kids. This program helped me understand them better.”

“I loved getting to spend time with my kids and learning how to be a better parent. I’m so thankful to have been a part of this program.”

“I learned to help co-regulate my child. What worked well for me was creating a safe environment and being able to remind my children that mom has the control, and also show empathy at the same time. This has been a wonderful and bonding place to start our healing.”

“I really loved that our clinician was attentive and compassionate with our feelings and what we have gone through. She always listened to what each of us had to say. We really enjoyed this program and benefited from it.”

 “My clinician really made me feel comfortable to open up and trust that my best interests were the goal. I’m working to apply the strategies I’ve learned. This program changed me as a person forever.”

“Our clinician helped me learn how to solve problems with my kids and how to manage my anger and my feelings. I learned to talk to them without screaming. This program brought us together as a family.”

“I love how this program is so understanding, welcoming, and helpful. The connection is something important with families and this program is fantastic. I learned to let my child know it’s okay to have feelings – everyone does and it’s okay to talk about them.”

“I learned how to deal with my kids in situations that I couldn’t maintain my cool in the past. He taught me how to take time with my kids, ask questions, and give answers that benefit our relationship as their parent.”

“I loved seeing how my daughter has responded to her therapist and how she looks forward to seeing her each week. She is more open with her feelings and I also love all the resources and information her therapist provides me with.”

“The therapist is always open and includes me in sessions. She helped my son learn how to deal with emotions, specifically anger. I rarely see outbursts from him anymore.”

“I love watching how the therapist interacts with my son. She is very respectful and playful. I am so grateful for all the tools I have learned that will help me in the future.”

“The therapist was so sweet and accommodating. I really enjoyed having her work with our family. She even helped me a lot with my past. She made a huge difference in our lives.”

“My child always looked forward to visits with his therapist. He enjoyed every activity that was presented to him. There is more peace in our home and with our children. We loved our therapist!”

“Our therapist was great! She presented the information clearly and well. I have extensive child development and therapy background and I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to communicate. She did a great job.” (STS)

“Our therapist was very knowledgeable and provided very helpful assessment and feedback of my baby’s condition. She made us feel comfortable and her help has been invaluable. We really appreciate the support and help.” (STS)

“Very informative, great sense of humor, and knows how to communicate on a sincere level.” (PES)

“I liked the videos and the role play scenarios and all the tips she shared with me.” (PES)

“She is an excellent parent educator and I wish her the best in her future endeavors helping others, which she as a real gift for. I think the IDEAL response was very useful for me to learn and I am also more attentive to my child and her needs.” (PES)

“She always listened and had honest and good advice for us. She taught us a lot of peaceful parenting ways.” (PES)

“She was there for me and listened. She understood what I was going through and always pointed me in the direction of help.” (PAS)

“He helped me realize it is possible to get my kids to stay with me, and not give up hope.” (PAS)

“She could relate to me, she believed in me, and she offered lots of advice. She would listen to me when I was going through something.” (PAS)

“By being an ear, a listener, a good friend when needed.” (PAS)

“I liked that you could really say what you were feeling and everyone would listen. Maybe make it longer?” – Teen

“I liked being able to listen to the other families with different perspectives.” – Teen

“This was such a relevant workshop. Meeting with other parents and their teens was REALLY great. I loved doing this WITH my teen. This group was informative and fun!” – Parent

“I liked that I could share my feelings without being ashamed or uncomfortable. I would recommend this group because I felt comfortable and was able to make progress with my mom.” – Adopted Teen

“I loved the one-on-one time with my child. The information and exercises really got me thinking about what is going on in my family. I liked the openness in this group and how the facilitators made us feel so comfortable.” – Adoptive Parent

“I loved sharing and hearing others tell their stories. I learned more about my husband and now have a different perspective on our relationship. There really is hope for all marriages, it’s just a matter of whether or not we apply what we learn. This group was AWESOME!”

“I loved holding my wife’s hand, being with her, and finding out that I DO have feelings. It was helpful to learn more about my partner and what she needs from me.”

“It was so helpful taking the time to focus on our relationship in this way. It was nice to see other couples experiencing similar issues as us. This group felt very safe.”

 “It was comforting to see other couples that we could relate to, and how they strengthened their relationship. I was really nervous and didn’t want to come; I didn’t think it would help. I’m so glad that I came anyway, we got so much out of this. We had been considering divorce, but now we want to keep working on us. This didn’t fix everything, but it got us started and gave us hope!”

“Exceptionally interesting class and definitely more than I expected and so look forward to taking more of this facilitator’s classes.”

“The time and location were perfect. The session was personable. I loved the examples and the visual aids were very helpful. I loved this class!”

“I appreciate the extra help and advice given geared towards my teens. I also learned techniques to use to help regulate my children. It was all so helpful and I am looking forward to implementing my newly learned skills.”

“This was one of the most helpful trainings I’ve been to. The small group was nice, where everyone was able to share, and the facilitator’s skill and knowledge was on point.”

“I loved the group. I think it will be very helpful for me. I hope more people come because one of my goals is to connect with more foster families in Ventura. I love that the group is led by a therapist.”

“I thought the facilitator’s insights were helpful and I liked the combination of information and group sharing. I learned a lot by listening to the other foster parents.”

“I was so incredibly grateful for the support we received from KFT. Kinship families face so many challenges and people just don’t understand. Our friends and family were supportive, but they didn’t understand what we were going through. KFT understands and gave us the help we so desperately needed.”

 “My Peer Partner and Educator (PPE) is very supportive, nice, and informative.”
“I’m happy that my PPE calls to check if I’m okay and if support is needed. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

“Thank God for the PPE program; they’re so accessible and compassionate.”

“My PPE is very helpful, I really appreciate the program.”

“I adore my PPE. She goes above and beyond and always keeps us updated.”

"We were lucky enough to get on the list and drove by last night. The kids are still playing with the dinosaur toy set and wearing their comfy sweaters this morning. Me? I'm letting them play because Thanksgiving dinner is now taken care of. Thank you. " - Thanksgiving Basket Gift~Away

“I really enjoyed this learning experience. The facilitator was fantastic! She is seriously the perfect person for this position. She had insight, was understanding, and willing and eager to assist. Thank you!”

“We felt comfortable opening up to the trainers without judgement, or if we felt lost beginning the process. This experience definitely shed a lot of light for my husband and I. We learned so much in this class!”

“This class has been amazing! The trainer has a great way of covering each topic in a way that makes sense, and keeping the class on track without people feeling shut down. You can tell her heart is in it and that makes a huge difference! We feel prepared for what lies ahead and are ready to take on any challenge we may face.”

“I learned a great deal of information and enjoyed the instructor’s teaching skills. Very eye-opening experience! I so appreciate how they try to connect you to all the resources to help you and the child in your care!”

“I entered as a skeptic but found the course more beneficial than anticipated. Kudos to the trainer for her competency and compassion.”

“I felt respected and honored by the facilitator at all times. She made the class fun, interesting, and I felt curious about each topic due to her easy, laid back style. I don’t like groups and she made me feel safe enough to open up and share – I appreciate that so much. Not all trainers have this easy sense of style, some can be too rigid.”

“The class far exceeded the expectations my wife and I had. It was extremely informative and the instruction was excellent. A necessary experience, thank you!”

 “I would suggest these classes for anyone becoming a resource family. The information is very insightful and assists in becoming a stable, loving, caring home for children.”