Therapeutic Visitation Center (TVC)

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View the KFT Therapeutic Visitiation Center brochure







The Therapeutic Visitation Center is a collaboration between Kids & Families Together and Ventura County Human Services Agency’s Children and Family Services.

Utilizing the 5 Protective Factors that Strengthen Families and Protect Children

  1. Parental Resilience
  2. Social Connections
  3. Concrete Supports in Time of Need
  4. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
  5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children

In addition services will facilitate trauma informed parenting and the development of secure attachments.

Therapeutic Services
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Family Needs
  • Therapeutic Family Support
  • Psycho-educational Parent Classes
  • Support Groups to help connect parents to strengthen social networks
  • Individual Parent Services
  • Joint Child & Parent Therapy
Parent Workshop – 6 Hours
  • Mandatory Parent Training on the effects of Trauma and Attachment
  • Classroom style encourages participant interaction
  • 6 hours of Training
Weekly Parent & Child Visits
  • Therapeutic, court ordered Family visits are facilitated at the Therapeutic Visitation Center in conjunction to in-home support services.
  • Parent Support Groups
Adult Process Group
  • Allows for parents to do an in-depth examination of parenting and attachment motives rooted in attachment history, in a safe supportive environment.
Referral Process
  • Serving families with court ordered supervised visitation with referral from the family’s Child Welfare Social Worker.
  • Prior to reunification, therapy and other forms of continued support will be available for families.
Collaborative Approach
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team to Coordinate Services
  • Strength-Based Model
  • Creating Partnership with Families
  • Honor Cultural Diversity
Therapeutic Center Services
  • Therapeutic Model
  • Community Resource Wall
  • Story Time-Library
  • Arts & Crafts, Music, Baking
Visitation Center Team
  • Family Support Specialist – trained in Trauma

Informed Services

  • Case Aides (CFS)
  • Parent Partners
  • Community Volunteers
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Social Workers

*All Therapeutic Visitation Center services, groups, and workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.