Chit Chattin’ with Charles- January 2018

Happy New Year my furiends!! I love the New Year. It is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings and a chance to reflect on the past year. I had a pretty awesome year. I finished school, passed all my tests, started working and… I was FINALLY certified as a therapy dog! I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life. I got a vest, a badge, and a certificate. I’m so excited to show everyone! I worked SO hard and am so proud to share this news with you.

This year wasn’t all fun and exciting though. December was a pretty scary time with the Thomas Fire and then the mudslides and flooding. I didn’t really understand what was happening or that we were in danger and thought it was great fun to evacuate in the middle of the night! However, once mom explained how serious it was and how many people lost their homes, I have been feeling so very sad for everyone affected. I really wanted to do something to help, so mom said we could go visit with some of the firefighters and first responders and thank them for protecting us. They were all so excited to see me (obviously) and they took selfies with me to send to their families back home! I got lots of hugs and pets and belly rubs – sometimes I think I’m the one getting all the benefit out of this therapy dog thing – seriously, this is the LIFE! I got to meet firefighters from a bunch of other states. I just think it is so cool that they would want to come here and help us – they don’t even know us! People are so kind. Although, I still think they could learn a lot from us dogs. We love everyone unconditionally; if only humans could be more like that. Maybe that can be a new year’s resolution – love like a dog!

Love, Charles

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