Having Faith February 2017

Dear Faith, We have a fifteen year old daughter that we adopted when she was a year old. She was placed with us at a month old and never returned to her birth mother due to her mother’s… Read More

Having Faith December 2016

Dear Faith, This is such a difficult time of the year. The holidays are stressful for me, my partner and for my two adopted children. Can you give me some tips to help me cope during the holiday… Read More

Having Faith November 2016

At the core of everything we teach at Kids & Families Together is the importance of creating emotionally safe relationships. This is a relationship where you know that even on your worst day you are cared about and… Read More

Having Faith May 2016

Dear Faith, My adopted daughter is 13, she came to us when she was 4 with challenging behaviors due to neglect and abuse within her early life. I have used services at K&FT, and I honestly do believe… Read More