A Letter from K&FT about COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19 and Commitment to Serve our Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life as we know it. Everyone is home all day, parents have turned into teachers, people have moved their offices to their dining room tables, and many are unfortunately facing unemployment. Adapting to this new way of life places immense stress on individuals and families. Navigating emotions such as fear, loneliness, and grief undoubtedly affects our mental health and overall well-being.

Kids & Families Together is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and connected, especially during a time like this. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and for the safety of our families and staff, we have temporarily closed our physical offices. However, given that many of the services we provide at K&FT are considered essential by the Governor and by the State/County Departments that oversee what we do, we are pleased to announce that we have gone virtual with Telehealth!

What Is Telehealth?

To put it simply, Telehealth allows clients to access services and “attend sessions” from the comfort of their own homes, using an online video chat. K&FT has worked diligently to ensure that we continue to provide the same quality of care via Telehealth as we would through in-person sessions. Teletherapy is another term used and is specific to mental health services. Teletherapy can be one-on-one, family, and parent-child “dyadic” sessions.

Do I Need Software to Use Telehealth?

Nope! There are several free “platforms” you can access if you simply have the internet or a smart phone. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) has loosened restrictions regarding acceptable Telehealth platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to make Telehealth more accessible to wider range of people. Acceptable applications include: FaceTime, Facebook Video Messenger, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Doxy.me, or Skype. If you have any question about Telehealth options, please ask your service provider.

Therapeutic Services via Teletherapy

According to the American Psychological Association, research has shown that Telehealth and Teletherapy is “equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings” and works as an effective alternative to traditional in-person therapy. Here at K&FT, we have identified numerous Telehealth-friendly interventions that have proven to be very successful with our families. Our telehealth interventions include but are not limited to: Theraplay® activities, art therapy, psychoeducation, games that support engagement, mindfulness, gratitude exercises, and interactive journaling. Of course, all telehealth interventions being used at K&FT adhere to our attachment-focused and trauma-responsive approach, primarily supporting connection and strengthening relationships.

Classes and Support Groups via Telehealth

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully gone virtual with our support groups, workshops, and classes! Our facilitators have been using Zoom to ensure our community continues to have access to these services. If you have questions about specific groups and/or classes, please contact K&FT at (805) 643-1446, or check out ‘Programs’ on our website.

We are in this together. If you or a loved one is truly struggling or might be experiencing a mental health emergency, please reach out to the Ventura County Crisis Team at 1-866-998-2243 or the National Suicide Prevention line at 1-800-273-TALK. To stay informed on COVID-19 updates and safety precautions please refer to the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and locally, VC Emergency.

Be well, embrace compassion, and stay connected to one another.



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