Chit Chattin’ with Charles- Fall 2018

Happy fall, furiends!

This time of year always makes me think about transitions and change. It can be hard to start school again after having the whole summer free. Some of you will be starting at a new school this year. I know that can be pretty scary. I remember when I first started coming to work, I was so nervous! My pawrents reassured me that I would be just fine and would make new furiends in no time. On my first day, I wanted to explore and get to know the new building, but I also wanted to stay close to my mom. I was a little shy and quiet that first day, but like my pawrents promised, I made a lot of new furiends! That helped me feel much more comfortable and I was more myself. I know you’ll make new furiends too! There are still some days where I would just rather stay home with my pawrents, but I know I have to go to work. On those days, it takes some time to settle in, but after a while, I always have fun and am glad I went.

Sometimes making new furiends can be hard, because not everyone will always like you everywhere you go. Some of my coworkers are allergic to dogs, or just not a huge fan of dogs (shocking, right?). I’ve learned that it’s okay and not to take it personally when they don’t want to be around me. I hope you won’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to be your furiend – they just aren’t the right person for you! Now, go find the ones that are, because you are PAWESOME!

Doing well in school isn’t always about getting the best grades, it’s about trying your hardest. When I was in school, sometimes it took me longer to learn certain things than other dogs in my class, but I always tried my hardest. Sometimes I felt bad that I couldn’t get things as quickly as the other dogs, but mom always reminded me that everyone learns differently and at different speeds and that doesn’t make someone better or worse. Mom told me she was always proud of me and appreciated that I always worked hard and kept trying! So work hard, do your best, and be proud of yourself my furiends!

I’m pawsitive you’ll do great in school this year!

Love, Charles

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