National Day of Racial Healing

National Day of Racial Healing 

     Launched in 2017, the National Day of Racial Healing is a call to action for racial healing for all people. It originated as part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s national Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation efforts.    

     Racism affects all of us, regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances. We all live in a world born from historic racial inequities that have led to broken systems and division, where we don’t know one another and our shared history. These significant challenges will not be solved by one individual or group. To ensure our communities are free of systemic racism, we must come together to explore how past actions have created present racial inequities in our systems. Our goal is to create equitable cities where everyone thrives, including people of color, by helping cities, towns, and villages build their internal skills and capacity to apply racial equity to their policies, practices, and procedures.   

     The responsibility belongs to all of us to participate in these honest, powerful, and moving experiences and pursue this racial healing journey together.   


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