Employment Opportunities


Clinical Intern – Part Time

This position REQUIRES a Master’s Degree in Psychology or other subject field leading to an LMFT or LCSW. A valid BBS Intern number is also required. Spanish bi-lingual preferred.

Kids & Families Together is a not-for-profit support, education and counseling resource center that provides services for individuals and families in foster care, kinship care and adoption, for the preservation of families and the physical, emotional and mental health of children.

Kids & Families Together (K&FT) is one of the county’s leading experts in Attachment and Trauma Focused Therapy utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach. An individualized treatment plan is formulated in conjunction with the caregivers and child, if age appropriate, to focus on the goals and objectives of treatment. The treatment plan is viewed as a living document and as such is reviewed with the client/caregiver ensuring continual focus on the therapeutic objectives and goals.

Expectations: This staff position requires an experienced intern who can work with children and caregivers who may be overwhelmed or in crisis. Staff participates in a multidisciplinary team approach in conceptualization and implementation of therapeutic interventions. Must embrace experiential trauma therapy and appreciate and respect cultural and other kinds of diversity. Work is provided in-home or in-office depending on the needs of the client and K&FT’s capacity. It is important the Intern keep up to date information on potential community resources and all required documentation for the client files.

You will serve families throughout Ventura County.

This job may be 35 hours or less; full-time may be available as well.

Essential Functions:

* Receive and accept referrals from in-house staff as assigned

* Contacting client in the required amount of response time

* Assess family needs and communicate with social workers and in-house Clinical Directors

* Inform client of confidentiality and mandated reporter requirements

* Attend weekly 2 hour Supervision group

* In Supervision, discuss cases, report any concerns, receive feedback and implement strategies for working with clients

* Interns may be required to receive additional supervision for cases with greater complexities

* Maintain mandatory documentation for all contact with clients (includes time sheets, progress notes, assessments, plans, monthly reports, etc.) and submit all paperwork on time as required

*Maintain an accurate and true travel log, including travel time and mileage (supported by MapQuest); submit as required.

* Submit paperwork daily/weekly or as otherwise required by contract or directed

* Additional tasks as assigned or required

If you are interested in this position, submit your resume to scromartie@kidsandfamilies.org