Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic and Treatment – EPSDT

In Partnership with Ventura County Behavioral Health. Available for Medi-Cal eligible children/youth. Services are family driven, in-home and/or in-office and provide counseling and case management and support services focusing on childhood attachment trauma.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 115

Family Attachment Model – FAM

In partnership with Ventura County Children & Family Services. Available for Pre and Post Adoptive Families, Guardianship and Long-term Placement. An 18 session in- home service.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 116

Family Therapy Services

Families participating in a therapeutic process. Attachment and trauma focused interventions based on a relational model of change.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 116

In-Home Placement Training – IPT

In partnership with Ventura County Children & Family Services.
For newly licensed or re-licensed Foster Caregivers within Ventura County. Providing an individualized 6 hour training focused on therapeutic parenting techniques.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 116

Nurturing Relative Connections- NRC

In collaboration with Gold Coast Health Plan, Kids & Families Together has created Nurturing Relative Connections. We can provide linkages to community support programs, mentorship by a peer who has been in a similar situation and an opportunity to work with a clinician with expertise in issues and challenges that “Kinship” families have in common. There is no cost to this program.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 203

Parent Education and Support

Parent Educators provide in-home support to parents while collaborating with the assigned social worker and making referrals to other community services and resources as necessary. Parents who are at risk of having their children removed or have had their children removed may be referred to work with Parent Educators who support them in developing key life and parenting skills so that parents can provide a safe, nurturing environment for their children. This program is for birth parents involved with CFS and requires a referral from the Social Worker.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 118

Parent Advocate Services

In this program, Parent Partners who are para-professionals who have had the lived experience of being involved with child welfare and successfully reunifying with their children, have the chance to support parents who are currently in those same circumstances. Parent Partners mentor, support, and advocate for parents as they also empower them to advocate for themselves. In addition to Parent Partners, there will be identified Parent Leaders who will have opportunities to share their stories and experiences with service providers and decision makers, influencing and changing policy. Parent Leaders bring a unique perspective and can use their voice to effect change in the child welfare system. This program is for birth parents involved with CFS and requires a referral from the Social Worker.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 118

Peer Partner and Educator Program (PPE)

In partnership with Ventura County Community College District and Ventura County Human Services Agency. Available to kinship caregivers within Ventura County that have come together through foster, kinship and adoption. This program connects new or existing kinship caregivers with experienced kinship caregivers providing clinical counseling, education and support services to help caregivers navigate the Child Welfare System and community resources.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 112

Relational Assessment Program- RAP

In partnership with Ventura County Children & Family Services. Available to Birth families from within the Child Welfare System. An 18-session in-home therapeutic support program.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 116

Support & Education and Training- SET

In partnership with Ventura College. Available to Foster and Kinship Caregivers within Ventura County Child Welfare. Providing weekly in-home services specializing in topics relevant to caregivers of children who have experienced attachment trauma.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 116

Therapeutic Visitation Center – TVC

In partnership with Ventura County Children & Family Services. Birth Parents in the process of family reunification within the Child Welfare System. Social worker referral required. Completion of 26 therapeutic parent & child sessions (visits) focused on re-integrating family in preparation for reunification. Parent support groups and psycho-educational training on attachment, parenting styles and complex trauma.
Contact: 805-643-1446 Ext. 144

Each Family is Unique