Having Faith May 2016

Dear Faith, My adopted daughter is 13, she came to us when she was 4 with challenging behaviors due to neglect and abuse within her early life. I have used services at K&FT, and I honestly do believe… Read More

Having Faith April 2016

Dear Faith, We have two adopted children ages 9 and 11. We are fully invested in being therapeutic parents and we totally see the value in working with specialized professionals who are trained to work with adoptive, foster… Read More

Having Faith March 2016

Dear Faith, I am writing to you as I have discovered something that I want to share with your readers because you are always talking about the importance of understanding our kids and working on building better relationships… Read More

Having Faith (09/2015)

Dear Faith, I am about to foster a child for the first time. She is five years old and has an extensive history of abuse and neglect. I want to do a good job of helping her to… Read More